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Hide window when minimized with Taskbar Helper!

Taskba Helper logo Taskba Helper logoTaskbar Helper is a tiny software utility, which provides an opportunity to hide a window when the user clicks on the Minimize button on the window titlebar. This can be easily done by checking Hide On Minimize option next to the selected application window within main window of Taskbar Helper GUI:

Hide on minimize option.

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After checking the option Taskbar Helper will hide minimized windows which have Hide On Minimize option selected. This feature is really useful when user's taskbar cluttered with many applications opened on the desktop.

Hidden application can be easily retrieved back even without GUI! Here's three ways to show your application back on taskbar:

  1. Using Show the latest hidden window hotkey combination (Alt+F12 by default).

  2. Using Alt+TAB combination or via Applications tab in Task Manager (this option is available if you selected for a window Hide from taskbar only option):

    Running programs.

  3. You can show you window back using GUI itself! Just check Visible checkbox near selected application and your application will take its previous place on taskbar!

The applications hide from the taskbar only during the current session. If you restart the computer, you will have to configure settings for each application window again. However you can automate the behavior of particular windows by setting up rules.