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Hide programs from taskbar with Taskbar Helper!

Taskba Helper logo Taskba Helper logoSuffer from taskbar cluttered with too many applications? Or just want to hide unwanted window? Taskbar Helper is the best solution for this type of problems! With Taskbar Helper, it's really easy to hide taskbar programs, you even don't have to use GUI, here's three ways to hide window from taskbar with Taskbar Helper:

  1. You can easily hide active program window by using Hide / show active window hotkey combination (F12 by default).

  2. Use Hide On Minimize option to hide unwanted windows by pressing minimize button on windows which have this option selected. Learn more about Hide On Minimize option.

  3. You can use Taskbar Helper GUI itself to hide/unhide windows, it's really easy to do with Visible checkbox:

Visible option.

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This feature is really useful when you need to hide/show many programs.

In addition you even can hide program on startup! This can be easily done using "Hide at startup" rule for application you want to hide on startup. Lean more about rules in setting up rules section.