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Auto Screenshot Maker 3.0

Auto Screenshot Maker logoTaskba Helper logoAuto Screenshot Maker is a screen capture tool that lets you take screenshots for user manuals, websites, and presentations. When you need a screenshot capture, you no longer have to press the Print Screen key, and then edit and save the capture in Paint – just run our screen capture software and create a perfect screenshot of your entire desktop screen, active window, or selected region. Depending on the selected output option, the program saves the capture to clipboard, as an image file (BMP, JPEG, PNG), or pastes the image to a Microsoft Word document. The simple interface makes it is easy for beginners to start using our screen capture tool right out of the box.

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Key Features at a Glance:

  • Capture screenshots with a click or hotkey press
  • Capture multiple screenshots over a selected period of time
  • Multiple output options such as image file, clipboard, MS Word document
  • Watermark capture to prevent unauthorized use
  • Customizable hotkeys
  • Command-line screen capture

Capture screenshots easily

Taking screenshots is an easy process. When you want to make a screenshot, go to Auto Screenshot Maker, select the part of the desktop screen to capture and the output option, and then click the CAPTURE button. Voila! The screenshot capture is saved to the selected output destination, and you can take further actions on it such as send by email, paste into a document, or open in the image editor to make more edits.

Auto Screenshot Maker also allows you to capture screenshots by pressing hotkeys. For example, you can capture the active window by pressing ALT + PRNT SCRN. The hotkeys can be modified to personal preferences. For this, you need to go to the Preferences / Hotkey dialog and enter your own hotkeys.

Capture screenshots automatically

Need to make a sequence of screenshots? The Auto Capture feature in our screen capture software lets you capture screenshots automatically over a selected period of time. To begin, go to the Preferences / General dialog where you can select the time interval in seconds, plus the automatic removal of duplicates (if necessary). Then click START AUTO CAPTURE button on the main window, or press the hotkey to start the process.

Multiple outputs

Whether you want to send your screenshot by email, post to your Facebook wall, paste to a document, or open in an image editor, Auto Screenshot Maker provides the output option you need. You can save your screenshot capture to one of the popular graphic formats such as BMP, JPEG, PNG, or save to clipboard. Also it is possible to paste the capture to a Microsoft Word document that is created by the program automatically.

Drop watermark

Our screen capture tool lets you watermark screenshots to prevent their unauthorized use. For this, go to the Preferences / Watermark dialog, enable watermarking, select the watermark image, and its position. It is also possible to enable or disable such options as “Ignore White Pixels”, “Draw Adjacent White Pixels”.

Command-line screen capture

Auto Screenshot Maker enables command-line screenshot capture. For this you need to call AutoScreenshotMaker.exe with these parameters: -capture=EntireScreen or -capture=ActiveWindow. Using the command line and Windows Scheduler, you can schedule command line screen capture.